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Membership Benefits:

The yearly membership of US NVOCC provides a
significant and valuable benefits to members in
FMC-OTI NVOCC bond and OTI-OFF bond, as
well as ISF 10+2 and ISF 5+2 filings and tariff
publishing, and bond prices for CT bond and
Type 2 and Type 3 bonds will allow membership
to become direct distributors of these bonds to
the various domestic and foreign customers.  
Further, as a member the savings on the ABI
software will be significant.  Join and become a
member of US NVOCC and take advantage of
the savings that you can received which would
ultimately benefit you and your customers.  

To receive these benefits, just submit your
membership request with
$99 for one-year.  If
there are any questions about the membership
and the benefits, please contact us or email us

Note: If you are not a member of US
NVOCC, the prices for non-members are
as follows for the products and service we
offered at US NVOCC.

FMC-OTI NVOCC Bond ($75,000) = $1,095
OTI OFF Bond ($50,000) = $759
CT Bond ($50,000) = $225
Type 2 Bond ($100,000) = $1,288
Type 3 Bond ($100,000) = $1,288
ISF Filings = $495 (set-up fee) + $99 a Month
Tariff Publishing = $900
ABI Software System = $5,500 + $395 a Month
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