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ISF “10+2” Program F A Q
NO monthly fee and yearly fees on:
if you are filing for your own special customers only,
You could take advantage of $17.50 per Filing a ISF
10+2. (Case by Case) + $79 set fee (Life Time)
Case by Case Service Agreement (click here)

- UNLIMITED ISF 10+2 Filing
- UNLIMITED  ISF 10+2 filing
UNLIMITED  HTC/Tariff/Harmonized code Filing
UNLIMITED  Monthly Filing
UNLIMITED  a Year Filing











from page 46-47
1. If importing from Virgin Island, American Samoa or
Guam, you must file ISF

2. If you are importing from Puerto Rico to U.S.  or   if you
are exporting from
U.S. to Puerto Rico (NO ISF is need it)

3. If your goods arrived into Canada by vessel and if  
trucking  or railing into U.S. ( as long as shipment are
associated with bill of lading at AMS ) ( Must file ISF )
ISF type / Standard: This transaction type covers the
vast majority of commercial shipments. ( Importers )
Click here to File 01 type)

ISF type / Ship To:  Should be used for shipments that
have not yet been sold to a buyer in the U.S.  Typically
used for commodities shipments (e.g., coffee beans,
cocoa, etc.). "Sold on the Water"
(Click here to File 02 type)

ISF type / HHG/PE:   Should be used for all
HouseHold Goods (HHG) and  personal effects (PE)
shipments.  This
includes shipments for returning
military members, other U.S. governmental personnel
and their families.
 No bond is required
Click here to File 03 type ISF)

ISF type / U.S. Government and U.S. Military:  Only to be
used for actual government or military shipments
No bond is required.
(Click here to File 04 type)

ISF type Diplomatic:  Only to be used by
foreign entities
entitled to diplomatic immunity.  No bond is required.
(Click here to File 05 type)

ISF type Carnet: Covers shipments arriving under a
carnet.  No bond is required.
(Click here to File 06 type)

ISF type U.S. Goods:  Reserved for shipments
containing solely
U.S. Goods Returned.
(Click here to File 07 type)

SF type FTZ Shipments:  Reserved for shipments
going into a
Foreign Trade Zone.
(Click here to file 08 type ISF)

ISF type / International Mail:  Reserved for
USPS mail
shipments.  No bond is required.
(Click here to file 09 type ISF)

ISF type / OCS Shipments: Reserved for shipments
arriving from a U.S. outer continental shelf point or
from vessels operating over a U.S.
OCS point (e.g.
rigs, derrick barges, seismic vessels).
(Click here to file 10 type ISF)

To file your Importer Security Filing (ISF 5+2)
(click here) ISF 5+2 is for only: Immediate Exportation
(IE) or  Transportation and Exportation (TE)
CBP has programmed its system to accept 9 different
ISF-10 Transaction types.  More types will be added as
needed (e.g., Type 10 for OCS shipments).
Key to filing ISF is you must file, even if your data is
you should file, 48 hours (we recommend 72
hours) before your shipment could be load onto freight
vessel.  You can always make the corrections and
Re-Submit your ISF filing,
72 Hrs before your shipment
into U.S. Port.  But, the Re-Submitting of your ISF
must only be done by you.
SF Must be filed, otherwise CBP can and will assessed
penalty / fines of up to
$5,000 for each violation(s).   

ISF 10+2 Filing is Importer(s) Responsibility.
You could have your custom Broker or your Vendor (Suppler) or
your Freight Forwarder filed for you,
BUT if they filed
Incomplete/Wrong data(s) or Filed Late,
you as Importer and
you Only will be Fines by U.S. Customs.

Importer Security Filing (ISF 10+2) is SEPARATE from the
carrier's manifest and the broker's / importer's entry / entry
filing / custom broker.

NOTE: The ISF 10+2 filing must be done for each bill of
lading (BL) / Each shipment. Also each Importer Security
Filing (ISF 10+2) filing must have the same identical
Parameters i.e. Spelling of all name(s), letter(s) and
Number(s) on the shipments / Invoice from your oversea

For more details:
Single ISF Bond with single Entry Bond Application and
your Cost  (
Click here to view Your Cost )